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If your move is well planned your business doesn’t need to come to a halt.

When it comes to a company or office move, Mudanzas GB focuses on interfering as little as possible in everyday work so business productivity isn’t affected. To do this successfully, the customer’s needs are analysed beforehand and a move project is produced with phased timing according to guidelines and priorities. Moves can even be scheduled to take place out of working hours or at weekends.

In addition to moving furniture and goods, a company move involves handling sensitive and valuable material such as computing and electronic equipment, so it’s fundamentally important to have professional operators who can guarantee the quality of a well-delivered service.

Mudanzas GB is the perfect ally to ensure that your office move is a success because we offer:

  • Visit by an expert to make a realistic assessment.
  • Customised advice on dates and services.
  • Processing permits and authorisations.
  • Transfer of furniture and workstations. Dismantling and assembly.
  • Transfer of computing and IT equipment. Protection as required.
  • Supply of packing materials in advance.
  • Packing and transfer of goods, files and documentation.

We help you recycle!

At Mudanzas GB we manage the waste produced in the office environment with a comprehensive collection, transport and handling service, helping our customers to comply with ISO environmental standards and with Spanish Data Protection legislation (LOPD) in matters related to document recycling and destruction as well as providing the appropriate certification. We guarantee the confidentiality and security of your documentation in compliance with standard UNE-EN 15713-2010 by means of the following:

1. Certified destruction

We handle the destruction of confidential documentation and computerised information with a certificate issued by companies approved by the Generalitat de Catalunya (the government of Catalonia).

2. Removal of obsolete material

We take all obsolete material to the waste and recycling facility so it can be destroyed and recycled there.

Additional services for corporate removals

Internal removals

If what you need is to make internal moves within your office or in the same building, we provide the right staff to take care of them with all guarantees both in and out of normal working hours. This means you won’t have to worry about having to comply with the Law on Workplace Risk Prevention by asking your employees to carry heavy loads in the office.

Moving files

We move complete files and place them in exactly the same arrangement as they were in their previous location.

Moving employees and managers

We also cover moving employees, managers and/or multinationals who have been assigned to a new work position anywhere in Spain or Europe, and the service can be invoiced directly to the company or organisation required.

Do you have to make a corporate move?

Contact us and we’ll give you more details about all the advantages of making your moves with Mudanzas GB.


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