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Furniture storage unit

The all-round service for private and professional customers.

At some point you might need somewhere to temporarily store your belongings because you’re going to do some renovation work or you’re going to move house or you simply have things you don’t need every day but you don’t want to throw them away. It might also be the case that you have a company and you’ve accumulated a large volume of paperwork and you need somewhere to store it until you can have it destroyed. In these situations, the best option is to rent space at a furniture storage unit.

A furniture storage unit is a warehouse given over solely to storing furniture and other home and office items for relatively long periods of time. At a furniture storage until there is no constant movement of goods like in a normal warehouse, which means things stored there can be better preserved.

Access to the furniture storage unit is restricted and only company staff can handle the items, so we can ensure that everything is returned to its rightful owner in the same state in which it was received.

Another advantage of contracting space in a furniture storage unit run by a removals company is that items are well protected using special materials to prevent dirt and damp altering the condition and appearance of your items.

Of course, at Mudanzas GB we draw up an approved storage contract as well as a full inventory of all the furniture and belongings stored there. If the customer expressly requests it, we can also fit a security seal to ensure nothing is opened until the goods are delivered.

Warehouse storage and distribution

Behind each step forward there’s a new incentive.

Back in our early days, Mudanzas GB specialised in new furniture transport and distribution services from factory to direct delivery in store, which taught us how to handle goods extremely carefully to prevent dents and breakages. We began adding the delivery and collection of removal items and small batches to make the most of national goods distribution routes, keeping the cost of these services low for our customers. Later, with the addition of 2 trailers, we embarked on a new adventure within the international general freight transport sector, which was a significant challenge.

Our constant development and our ability to adapt to the variables in our customers’ demands means we’re now able to offer a collection and distribution service for all kinds of goods, as well as storage facilities.

Whether in bulk, on pallets or in drums, your goods have a place in our warehouses at highly competitive prices.

Although transport is usually built into the storage service, customers are not obliged to contract this with us, and are free to choose how and with whom they wish to bring or collect their goods. We want our customers to choose us because we’re their best option, rather than the only one.

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