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The best combination: the cost-saving route.

When our customers discover the shared loads service, a whole world of benefits they’d never expected is opened up to them.

Mudanzas GB started out with the firm idea of supplying a personalised, quality service at fair prices. More than 25 years ago, this prompted us to set up weekly routes so we could transport full removal loads or small batches to other locations in both Spain and Europe, ranging from just a few boxes through to the complete contents of someone’s home.

This service is available to private and business customers alike. We can even transport cars, motorbikes, quad bikes, etc. inside our vehicles. Customers have the option of choosing from the various service formats (BASIC, STANDARD, PREMIUM or PLATINUM) depending on their needs. However, if customers are moving outside Catalonia and they don’t need their belongings for a few days, we give them the chance to get a great discount because their things travel together with those of other customers on a route making various deliveries. This option enables us to reduce costs and make major savings for our customers, while also adding extra value to the services we can offer.

The procedure is very simple:

  • The customer chooses the collection date.
  • During loading, we make an inventory listing all the boxes received and a copy is handed to the customer.
  • On arrival at our facilities all goods are labelled and placed in special cages that we use to separate the batches from each other.
  • When the truck is being prepared to leave, we load it while taking special care to keep the batches separate.
  • We let you know the approximate date of delivery at least 2 days in advance.
  • Customers receive their things in the same conditions as with a direct removals process but with discounts of up to 70%!

We also offer return services, so we can collect batches of items to bring to Catalonia or to any other location that happens to be along our routes.

Shared loads are undoubtedly the ideal option for people who don’t need to get their things urgently.

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