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Who are we? We’re a friendly, approachable, straightforward business.

We’re the result of the courage, dreams and sacrifice of Luis Díaz, a Galician emigrant who settled in Barcelona in the 1970s and wanted to give his 4 children a good future following the 1993 crisis. He decided to go it alone by setting up his own business after more than 20 years working in a number of companies in the removals and furniture transport sectors.

We are what he passed down to us with his values as a person. Over the years, we’ve turned these same values into our working philosophy, making effort, seriousness, transparency and love of a job well done into what defines our commitment to our customers.

We’re firm believers in the rule that doing the right thing and providing a good service is essential for giving our customers the peace of mind they deserve.

And we are all these things because he taught us that your satisfaction is ours too.

What do we do? We listen to you.

That’s the first thing we do, listen to you. Because, you might not think so, but in the times we live in, everyone is in a hurry and we don’t stop to think about the importance of personal relationships and mutual understanding. Friendly, direct contact is our working philosophy and we’re convinced that the only way we can suggest the best solutions to your needs is by listening to you.

This is how we work at Mudanzas GB, listening to you and taking all your comments into account, analysing all the possibilities for doing the job and conveying our passion for achieving excellence in our services. This is the only way we can show you that we approach every job or service as if we were doing it for ourselves.

“Your greatest satisfaction
is your customer’s satisfaction”


Luis Díaz – Founder of Mudanzas GB

What can we offer?

We offer you our extensive experience in local, national and international removals; apartment, office, archive and exhibition moves; antique fairs; car and motorbike transport; furniture storage unit, etc.

Our fleet of vehicles, ranging from 15 to 90 m3, is designed to facilitate our services and keep their impact to a minimum: trucks of varying cubic capacities equipped with rear elevating platforms, pneumatic suspension and bodywork with interiors set up (padded side bars, non-slip floors) to guarantee your belongings are transported in the best conditions.

Thanks to our experienced and qualified staff we can do all kinds of jobs that involve dismantling and assembling furniture, packing/unpacking possessions and fixing/removing fittings.

We always use the best latest generation packing materials and we make sure they’re suitable for each job:

  • Special PVC taping to avoid damaging varnished and/or lacquered furniture.
  • Special removals blankets to protect furniture and domestic appliances.
  • Plastic covers adapted to protect your mattresses, sofas, armchairs, etc.
  • Rigid PVC cases and chests with foam rubber padding for transporting crockery, glassware and delicate china items.
  • Cardboard wardrobes for transporting clothes on hangers.
  • Cardboard boxes in various sizes.
  • Manila paper (specially for pictures without glass), bubble wrap, foam, cardboard, etc.
  • Our warehouse, located in an industrial estate, has its own bay for loading and unloading vehicles, fork lift truck and furniture storage unit and/or self-supporting boxes (this way we avoid excessive handling and the associated risks), equipped with security systems, video surveillance and night security guard.
  • With 3 different sized elevators, reaching up to a height of 30 metres and able to load up to 450 kilos, we can take on any service.
  • Prices adjusted to suit your needs because every customer is different and receives a completely personal service in which their needs are analysed and they are given information and advice about all the possibilities open to them.

All this is accompanied by a removals contract and the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are in the hands of the best insurance companies, making Mudanzas GB the right choice.

What makes us stand out? Our customers.

How many removal firms can say that most of their customers are now their friends? How many removal firms can say that their customers are their main influencers? Private individuals, companies, institutions… even colleagues from other removal firms who have used our combined trip services and assistance.

Each and every one of them has opted for the peace of mind that comes with trusting a company in which everyone, down to the very last member of staff, goes out of their way to do their best. How many removal firms have a human team like the one at Mudanzas GB?

We’re 25 years old!

And we can’t think of a better way of celebrating than by thanking everyone who has made it possible.

We want to thank thousands of customers for trusting us through the years because they are the reason we’re here today.

We want to thank all out staff for their hard work because they’re the engine that has driven Mudanzas GB to its position today at the forefront of the removals and transport sector. Our customers describe them as “professional”,… “friendly”,… “careful”,… “punctual”,… “pleasant”,…“reliable”,… “helpful”,… “hard-working”,… “polite”,… “efficient”,… We’ll settle for their enormous value as people and we think of them as family. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your commitment, worth and enthusiasm.

And very special thanks to the person who started all this, our father. There are no words to describe so much love and gratitude, so all we can say is… We love you.

Do you have to move?

At Mudanzas GB we calculate your estimate at no charge and we offer different rates so you can choose the one that best suits your situation.

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